Brazil nuts

Brazil Nut (In Shell)

The Brazil nuts are elongated, three-sided, oily seeds of the South America Brazil nut tree. The nuts are cream coloured nuts with a dark brown skin adhered to it. The nuts will show no visible moulds or have any off-odour or flavour. They shall not have any part of the shell attached to the kernel. The nuts shall have a crisp texture and a butternut or cream nut characteristic flavour.


Country of origin:


Grades/ Size

Midgets 160/180 per ounce

Brazil in shell


The product will be packed into corrugated cardboard cartons. Markings on the outer cartons will include product description and batch number and date of receipt at Ambassador Foods. Inner packaging will consist of a foiled sealed bag.

Physical and chemical examination:


Breakage:                                < 2 %

Foreign matter:                       < 0.5 % – depending on grade or size

Insect/Rodents:                       < 0.5%

Moisture content:                    < 5%

Brown centre:                                     < 5 %

FFA:                                        < 2 %

PV:                                          < 5 Me/kg

 Microbiological examination:

Total Aflatoxin:                         < 10ppb

B1                                            < 5ppb

Coliforms:                               < 200cfu/g

E.coli:                                      Absent

Salmonella ssp:                      Absent

Staphylococcus:                     Absent

Total Plate Count:                   < 50 000 cfu/g

Yeast & Moulds:                      < 10 000 cfu/g

Shelf life/ Storage:

Shelf life of 12 months is recommended on this products, store in a dry cool place not in direct sunlight.


 This product shall be free from live infestation and contamination by rodents and pathogens shall be absent.