About Us

By developing and growing over the years, GT Tladi’s maintains a significant customer base which includes large retail chains throughout the country. Management’s passionate commitment and vision has steered the company to where it is today.

Our vast sourcing capabilities set us apart from our competitors. They enable us to catalog industry trends, to anticipate shortages of cashew nuts, pine nuts and other products and to develop new sources. This allows us to consistently serve our customer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, also providing competitive pricing and on time delivery second to none.

In addition to this we, offer distribution and marketing expertise that help our customers make critical purchasing decisions and expand business. Our company has spent years building relations with our suppliers & customers.

Here are our Values

• Putting our clients first
• Creating quality products
• Passion for what we do
• Integrity and professionalism
• On time Delivery

We are on a never ending quest to bring you more variety and more ways to delight your senses with nature’s natural flavours.