Pistachio nuts


Pistachios should be a green, kernel with pink-brown skin, encased in a creamy shell with minimal discoloration and blemishes. Slightly salty, typical of pistachios, should be free from off or objectionable flavours, should not have an after taste or other objectionable odours and taints. Should be free from any musty or other objectionable odours and taints. Should be firm and not such soft kernels.

 Country of Origin:

South Africa


Pistachio raw meat, Pistachios natural in shell roasted and salted, 21\25; 26\30.


Markings on the outer cartons will include product description, batch number and date of receipt at Ambassador Foods. Inner packaging will consist of a plastic bag, which will be vacuum-sealed, with a tolerance of 15 % broken vacuum seal. The weight of the product will be nett, 11.34 kg.

Physical and Chemical Examination:

Pistachios in shell and creamy shell:

Non-opened:                         <1 %

Stained nuts:                        <25 %

Insect damage, mould,

rancidity and decay                 <2.5 %

Shell pieces and blanks         <1 %

Foreign material:                     <0.5 %

Particles and dust:                 <0.25 %

Loose meats:                         <6 %

Moisture:                               <6 %

FFA:                                      <2.5 %

PV:                                         <5 meq\kg

Pistachio meats:

Shell, shell pieces and,

blanks                                   <1 %

Adhering hull:                         <3 %

Moisture:                            <6 %

FFA:                                    <2.5 %

PV:                                       <5 meq\kg

Microbiological Examination:

Total Plate Count:               <50 000 cfu\g

Total Aflatoxin:                     <10 ppb

Coli forms:                          <200 cfu\g

E.coli:                               <Absent

Salmonella:                       <Absent

Staphylococcus:                <Absent

Yeast and Mould:                 <10 000 cfu\g